PokerStars Allowed Poker Tools

Pokerstars Allowed Tools

Pokerstars is the single most popular online venue for online poker has some stringent rules on exactly which type of poker tools and odds calculators are allowed and approved for play at

As a broad rule PokerStars allow tools and services provided that:

  1. Tools, services or hand charts that tell you odds and pre-flop starting hand recommendations.
  2. Tools and services that profile your opponents, but make only use the data which you have accumulated through your own play on the site.
  3. Macros and Hotkey programs are permitted provided they don’t have any bearing on game play logic. eg. AutoHotKey, MacroExpress or AutoIt3 may be used to ‘bet the pot’ when you pressing the ‘P’ key, but cannot be used  to create an auto-fold program that folds starting hands, or that automates advice or actions from any other software.
  4. Tools and services that help you analyse your game but do not or cannot be setup to offer direct, real-time advice on the appropriate action to take.

PokerStars do not Allow and prohibit the following types of Poker Tools:

  1. Software that shares hole card data with other players or programs is colluding.
  2. Any program that works off of a centralized database of player profiles or hands played is prohibited.
  3. Any program that plays without human intervention aka ‘poker bot’  or reduces the requirement of a human playing. auto-folders are banned.
  4. Data-mining (watching hands without playing to build up a database of hand histories for future reference) is not allowed.
  5. Software that offers direct game play advice on the appropriate action to take is also not permitted.


 PokerStars Allowed Poker Tools:

The following Poker Tools are on the approved list, PokerStars Allowed Poker Tools as at February 15, 2012. While the list of allowed tools and poker odds calculators varies from time to time this is a pretty comprehensive listing of which Tools PokerStars allow.

Auto HandPosterBlazingStars^Calculatem Pro
Coach RounderDoN IndicatorDonkeyTracker
Draw Poker SourceFlopZillaFlopZoom^
FPP Pro PlusFreePokerDB (aka FPDB)Gam Poker Analyzer
GameTime+Hold’em CockpitHoldem Genius
Holdem HelpemHoldem IndicatorHoldem Manager (including Table Scanner)
Hold’em Manager 2 (including Hold’em Manager Sync)Holdem PartnerHold’em Profiler (including Super HUD)
Holdem Ranger (including RealTime HUD)HoldemLuckHoly Grail of Poker
iToldemKayTeEmPro’s Odds CalculatorLobbyHunter
NotesNLOfficial Poker RankingsOmaha Brain
Omaha IndicatorOmaha Poker CoachOpenTool
Perfect ReadsPH_StarsPlaceMint
PlayerGPSPlayerPeekPoker Academy Prospector
Poker BuddyPoker ButlerPoker Calculator Pro by PokerProLabs
Poker Copilot^Poker EVPoker Evolver
Poker IndicatorPoker OfficePoker Potjie
Poker Pro Labs (including Super HUD)Poker SharpenerPoker Shortcuts
Poker SleuthPoker SnifferPoker Stove
Poker VitalsPoker WeaponPoker Wingman
PokerAce HUDPokerDebuggerPokerEval (Registered Version Only)
PokerObserver HUDPoker-SpyPokerStat
PokerStrategy ElephantPokerStrategy EquilatorPokerStrategy SideKick
PokerStrategy EquilabPokerTableStatsPokerTracker (including TableTracker)
Pot Odd RechnerPPA Poker CalculatorProPokerTools Odds Oracle
PS Hand WatcherPS MateRankExplorer
Sharktoolz Bankroll ManagerSharktoolz Poker-ReaderSharkystrator
SitnGo Wizard (version and newer)SmartBuddyStackAndTile
SliceStar TrackerStoxPoker Combo
Stud IndicatorTable of InterestTable Shark
TableDroidTableNinjaTableScan Turbo
Telescope by SpadeItTexas CalculatemTexas Hold’em Hands v2.0
ThePokerDBTiltBreakerTournament Indicator
Tournament SharkTournament UpdaterTourney Manager


PokerStars Banned Poker Tools:

The following Poker Tools are banned at PokerStars at all times as at February 15, 2012. The below list of poker tools are those making the prohibited list, players at PokerStars may not use any of the software listed below as they violate PokerStars Terms of Usage.

Advanced Poker CalculatorCardAnalyzerFullAutoHoldem
GambotHand HQHH Repository
HighStakesDBHold’em WatcherHoldem Hawk
Holdem Inspector a.k.a. Online Holdem InspectorHoldem PirateHoldem Spy
ICM-BotiHH HarvesterMandraker
MyPokerIntelNoLimitFoldemOnline Omaha High Inspector
Online Poker BotOnline Tournament InspectorOpen Holdem Bot
OPI WizardParagon Poker PalPoker Android
Poker BloodhoundPoker Bot+Poker Crusher
Poker EdgePoker Inspector a.k.a. Online Poker InspectorPoker Mate
Poker ProphecyPoker SherlockPoker Sidekick
Poker Table ManagerPoker UsherPOKERobot
Preflop AutofolderPreflop Poker BotRatingViewer
SeekerSense MindSharkMate
Sit And Go SharkSit n’ Go BrainSixth Sense
SmartCollector a.k.a. Mixed HarvestersSpadeEyeStars Hand History (SHH)
StarSpyStatsForPokerStud Inspector v1
Table Ratings aka Poker Table RatingsTexas Auto FoldWinHoldem

PokerStars Banned Poker Tools:

Several poker tools and services listed below may be used offline, when not playing or running PokerStars software, their legitimate usage would be to analyse your game play. Eg. Both ICM (Independent Chip Model) and Nash Equilibrium tools may be used for post-game hand analysis of hands you have played.

Several web based poker databases accompany the listings below that are fine for usage when no running the Pokerstars game client.

The following list was updated February 15, 2012.

CardRunners EV calculatorCCrushing-HUSNG’s 3Bet-ToolEVinTIme
Holdem AdvantageHoldem RadarHold’em Signs
ICM ExplorerICM PokerInsight Poker Hound*
Limit Hold’em Pre-flop Hand Advisor by IntellipokerPoker Player DatabaseNodeMind Poker Calculator
PokerKantPokerStrategy ICM TrainerPokerZion No-limit Advisor
Push Bot PokerPushPotSAGE Decision Calculator
SharkScope (including SharkScope HUD)Short Stacking Strategy CalculatorSit n’Go End Game Tools
SitnGo Wizard (v1.0.1.162 and older)**SNG Power ToolsSNG Solver
Spade ICMSTT Analyzer by PokerSoftware Tools

* PH Stars (a compliant version of Insight Poker Hound) is permitted
** SitnGo Wizard version and later is permitted.


What action can PokerStars take if you are caught using a banned tool?

PokerStars can confiscate your funds if they choose but they tend to take a more lenient approach by warning and educating players of their infringements yet they do warn that will confiscate a players funds if shown a consistent pattern of using prohibited tools and services after being warned, or if detection measures are bypassed.


PokerStars regularly update their list of allowed Calculators and Odds Tools, to be sure that your chosen poker tool is on the PokerStars Allowed Poker Tools list always double check the lasted approved and banned lists directly from PokerStars. If your poker tool or service is not on the list you can always email their support and ask whether it is allowed or banned.


PokerStars Allowed Poker Tools — 4 Comments

  1. In general, what kind of tools and services are acceptable?

    The following types of tools and services are generally acceptable:

    Tools and services that simply report basic game state information, such as pot odds or absolute hand strength.

    Tools and services that are static reference material and basic in nature, such as a single table-based starting hand chart.

    Tools and services that monitor and display numerical based statistics in-game, but make use of only information which you have accumulated through your own play.

    Macros and Hotkey programs that don’t have any bearing on gameplay logic. For example, you can use AutoHotKey, MacroExpress or AutoIt3 to make it such that you ‘bet the pot’ when you press the ‘P’ key, but you cannot use these or other utilities to create an autofolder that folds poor starting hands, or that automates advice or actions from any other tool or service.

  2. 11/11/2015 – Updated list of allowed poker tools at Pokerstars.

    Auto HandPoster
    CardRunners EV
    Flopzilla (version 1.7.9 and newer)
    FreePokerDB (aka FPDB)
    Gam Poker Analyzer
    Holdem Indicator
    Hold’em Manager 2
    Hold’em Profiler
    HoldemBoss (version 24 and newer)
    Official Poker Rankings
    Omaha Indicator
    PLO Ranger
    Poker Copilot
    Poker HoleCards
    Poker Indicator
    Poker Office
    Poker Pro Labs
    Poker Wizard
    PokerAssistant ByPlayers
    PokerStrategy SideKick
    PokerTracker 4
    PS Hand Watcher
    PS Last Hand
    PS Mate
    PS Never SitOut
    PS Play ByVoice
    PS Wins Viewer
    PSHandler (version 1.31 and newer)
    SessionLord Multitabling
    SessionLord SngAutoColoring
    SharkScope (including Sharkscope HUD)
    SitnGo Wizard (version and newer)
    Stud Indicator
    Table Ninja II (version 2.6.13 and newer)
    Table of Interest
    Table Optimizer
    Tournament Indicator
    Unfold Poker
    Universal Poker Table Organizer

  3. PokerStars banned Tools

    In general, what kinds of tools and services are prohibited?

    The following types of tools and services are prohibited:

    Any tool or service that shares hole card data with other players or services is colluding, and is prohibited.‡

    Any tool or service that works off of a central database of player profiles, hands played or private results is prohibited.

    Any tool or service that plays without human intervention (a ‘bot’) or reduces the requirement of a human playing. For instance, an ‘auto-folder’ is prohibited.
    The practice of datamining (observing games without playing in order to build up a database of hand histories for future reference) is prohibited.

    Any tool or service that offers real-time commentary or advice on the current game state that goes beyond reporting data and statistics.

    Any tool or service that is targeted towards the manipulation of opponents in games in which you are unable to choose a specific table to play on, such as Spin & Go’s

    ‡ Hosting live streams on Twitch and other similar services is not considered as sharing hole card data.

  4. List of Banned Tools at PokerStars: updated 11/20/2015
    Advanced Poker Calculator
    Hand HQ
    HH Repository
    Hold’em Watcher
    Holdem Hawk
    Holdem Inspector a.k.a. Online Holdem Inspector
    Holdem Pirate
    Holdem Spy
    Holdem Tournament Raider
    ICM-Bot iHH Harvester
    Online Omaha High Inspector
    Online Poker Bot
    Online Tournament Inspector
    Open Holdem Bot
    OPI Wizard
    Paragon Poker Pal
    Poker Android
    Poker Bloodhound
    Poker Bot+
    Poker Crusher
    Poker Edge
    Poker Inspector a.k.a. Online Poker Inspector
    Poker Mate
    Poker Prophecy
    Poker Sherlock
    Poker Sidekick
    Poker Table Manager
    Poker Usher
    Preflop Autofolder
    Preflop Poker Bot
    Sense Mind
    Shanky Bot
    Sit And Go Shark
    Sit n’ Go Brain
    Sixth Sense
    SmartCollector a.k.a. Mixed Harvesters
    Stars Hand History (SHH)
    Stud Inspector
    Table Ratings aka Poker Table Ratings
    Texas Auto Fold

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