Poker Tracking Software

Updated on January 8, 2018
By Leslie Radue

Poker Tracking Software as the name suggests is poker software designed to store data which is captured from online poker room sessions of play.

Advanced poker tracking software then converts this data into usable information that can guide players on how they can improve their game based on the way certain hands were played in the past.

The data is usually gathered from your poker hand history that is stored on your computer by each poker room you play at, some poker tools can even merge all your playing history into one overview of your game providing you with a full picture on any leaks you may have.

Most online poker tracking software is advanced, some more so than others. Our reviews of poker tools will guide you to finding the right product based on your needs and experience as a poker player.

Poker Tracking Software

One of the most popular poker trackers is Holdem Manager 2, it calculates and tracks players in real time providing stats about your opponents on the table and potential weakness they may have.

Exploiting your opponents weaknesses can be a great asset when playing online poker and can result in you becoming a long term winning player with the right knowledge at hand.

For example an opponent that folds often to a continuation bet can be exploited as can the big blind when you are in the small blind position if you know your rival is likely to fold to you raise a high percentage of the time.

Hold’em Manager also has the ability to find all the leaks in your poker game and how best to optimize your poker strategy to become a more all rounded poker player.

Poker tracking software and tools for poker can be a tremendous asset to any poker player when used correctly they can provide players of any caliber advice to improve their skills.

Many online poker pros make use of legal poker tools and allowed poker tracking software to make better decisions especially in the multi-table environment where they can be of the most use as all the relevant statistical and data is instantly visible to make the right play.