Poker Calculators

Updated on January 8, 2018
By Leslie Radue

Poker Calculators have become essential tools for any player looking to increase their winning potential when playing online poker these days.

Players of all skill levels from newbie to pro can take advantage of the data that an online poker calculator provides to improve their game and become a better player.

Poker Calculators provide their users with instant hand odds and percentages that are calculated on the fly in real time based on current hand information.

The data gathered by the poker odds calculator is used to calculate the odds of any given hand providing you with detailed information to make the best play possible based on a wide range of information at hand including the number of players seated at the table, your position, your cards and the pot size vs call or bet amount (pot odds).

This section of the website covers several such online poker odds calculators that can drastically improve you game when the data they gather is put to good use.

The poker tools listed on this page by no means guarantee that you will win but certainly improve your odds substantially and at the end of the day you are the ultimate decision maker on your course of action, you get to choose whether to stay in a hand, fold or re raise based on the information these calculators provide.

Poker Calculators

The list below covers some of my personal favorite poker odds calculators, the pure simplicity of these tools and the accuracy of the information they calculate is astounding.

Holdem Indicator – a brilliant Holdem poker odds calculator.
Tournament Indicator – Holdem Tournament poker calculator.
Omaha Indicator – Omaha poker calculator, calculates odds for Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo.
Stud Indicator – Seven card stud poker odds calculator.

Multi-table online poker games are a breeze once the basics of using an odds calculator have been mastered as all the information needed to make the correct play is in plain view via the HUD without the need for manual tracking of the many players seated at each of your tables as the entire process is automated.