Updated on January 8, 2018
By Leslie Radue

PokerTableStats is a PokerStars calculator which features real-time poker HUD, pot odds, poker outs, and hand strength. The poker odds calculator is fairly simple to use and is 100% Pokerstars legal and is even listed as a certified PokerStars poker tool.

Poker Table Stats software supports the following rooms:

The Poker Table Stats software is compatible with Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager, transfers all your statistics between programs.

Download PokerTableStats

PokerTableStats – PokerStars Calculator

Install and run the Poker Table Stats software, add your PokerStars hand history directory before launching PokerStars. You can find your PokerStars hand history directory here: C:\Users\PC-Name\AppData\Local\PokerStars\HandHistory\

Make sure you have also your Hand History enabled on PokerStars by clicking on ‘Options’ then ‘Instant Hand History Options’ in the Pokerstars lobby.

PokerTableStats will automatically attach itself to any new PokerStars tables, if configured correctly. The poker table side bar shows the following:poker odds

  • Current Hole Card Rankings
  • Draw Meter showing all your draws.
  • Real-time Pot Odds
  • Real-time Pot Outs
  • Customizable Poker HUD
  • Player VS Opponent Odds
  • Your opponents’ Mucked Hole Cards

PokerTableStats Screenshots

PokerTableStats is only compatible with PokerStars, below are some screenshots of the poker tools in action.

pokertablestats hud poker pokertablestats poker hud pokertablestats poker odds calculator

Download PokerTableStats

Poker Table Stats Video

Poker Table Stats License

Poker Table Stats offer three different monthly payment plans Basic, Pro, and Gold. Professional and Gold plans include the poker HUD.

Basic Plan: $5.99/month (No HUD)
Pro Plan: $7.99/month (Poker HUD)
Gold Plan: $9.99/month (Poker HUD + Gold Support)

Download Poker Table Stats

PokerTableStats Trial

Try out PokerTableStars free trial version which offers players a two-day trial to test the poker tool on Pokerstars.

Poker-Table-Stats HUD

Poker-Table-Stats can be displayed on any side of the table – top, bottom, left or right.The Poker HUD by default displays real-time poker statistics and percentages of the following:

  • Voluntarily Put Money into the Pot (VPIP)
  • Pre-Flop Raise (PR)
  • Aggression Frequency (AFq)
  • 3bet (3B)
  • Fold to Continuation Bet (FCB)
  • Fold to Steal (FTS)

Right click on any players stats to get a full report on all their percentages. Use your opponents’ betting patterns and playing styles to your advantage.

PokerTableStars is available in more than 28 languages including English, English UK, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Eesti, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Íslenska, Latviešu, Lietuvių, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Português BR, Português PT, Română, Slovenija, Svenska, Suomi and more.

System Requirements

1GHz Processor
512mb RAM
850mb disk space
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8-8.1, Windows 10,Windows Vista, Windows XP Home/Professional