Poker School

Updated on January 8, 2018
By Leslie Radue

Magic Holdem’s Free Poker School with Interactive Poker Lessons.

Use MagicHoldem’s interactive free poker school lessons to learn a bit more about the game we all love.

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MagicHoldem is the creator of the Magic Holdem Poker Tool an Online Odds Calculator that calculates and analyses your Texas Holdem poker hand and provides statistical information about your hands winning percentages in real time.

The interactive poker lessons teach players:

  • Holdem Basics
  • Beginner Strategy
  • Advanced Strategy

Holdem Basics

This Poker School lesson teaches players the basics of Texas Holdem and includes free poker lessons about:

  • Game Rules – The basic rules of Texas Holdem
  • Poker Hand Rankings – Hand rankings in poker are essential to understanding the basics of the game.
  • Game Types – The Types of games found
  • Tournaments – A bit about poker tournaments
  • Quiz – End of Lesson Quiz

Beginner Strategy

Being a novice poker player can be costly, this lesson covers a few more advanced concepts and strategy for beginner poker players.

  • Positions – Positions in poker is key to strategy.
  • Starting Hands – Preflop hands and their relative strength with charts.
  • Profiling your opponents – Learn to profile your rivals.
  • Considering opponents actions and game style
  • Common mistakes – Mistakes that are commonly made by poker players
  • Quiz – End of Lesson Poker Quiz

Advanced Strategy

The free poker lessons then move up another notch with advanced concepts and strategy for seasoned poker players.

  • Calculating Outs Odds – How to calculate your Outs in poker
  • Pot Odds
  • Blind Stealing
  • Bankroll Management
  • Bluffing
  • Quiz – End of Lessons Poker Quiz

Poker Odds Calculator

Using a poker odds calculator can make life a lot simpler for you as all the necessary calculations and concepts in this interactive poker tutorial are made in real time when making use of an Online Poker Odds Calculator or Poker Tool.

MagicHoldem have made a well rounded holdem tool in their Magic Holdem Poker Tool, it comes with a 200 hand free trial and can be purchased outright or for free when choosing one of Magic-Holdem’s get it free plans.

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