Free Online Poker Odds Calculator

Updated on January 8, 2018
By Leslie Radue

Use the Free Holdem Poker Odds Calculator below to determine what your odds were in a previous holdem game or check the odds percentages and strength of any Texas Holdem hand against any other hand.

You can match up a wide range of hand scenarios and see exactly what the chances of any hand in Texas Holdem are against versus each other.


Poker Odds Calculator

If you are looking for an online Poker Odds calculator that is built into your favorite poker rooms console then you want to read our reviews of online poker tools and find one that best fits your personal needs and requirements.

Remember that playing your hand at the most favorable poker odds improves your chances of becoming a winning poker player in the long run.

Using poker tools and odds calculators for poker goes a long way into teaching you how to play poker the correct way i.e. by playing each and every hand to the most favorable odds.

We also cover a wide range of poker tools and apps that can help keep time of the blinds in your home poker games.

Free Texas Holdem Odds Calculator

Below is an alternative free Texas Holdem Calculator found at that calculates the statistics and odds of a given poker hand, while not as accurate or complete as the one above it may server it’s purpose to some users as a Free Online Poker Odds Calculator.

Poker Odds Calculator