About Us

Updated on January 8, 2018
By Leslie Radue

The ToolsPoker.com team is dedicated to providing the latest and greatest in Poker Tools whether it’s Free Online Odds Calculators or full on Advanced Poker Tracking software we cover it all on this site.

ToolsPoker.com is not a gambling website but rather an informative site offering online poker players a chance to better understand the complete game of poker from a statistical perspective by offering a wide variety of poker tools to improve  their chances of winning during game-play.

Poker Tool

A poker tool can help you to understand the game by guiding you into making the correct decision more frequently based on odds and calculations made during a hand.

Poker Tool Reviews

Poker tool reviews guide you to choose the best poker software tool based on your requirements our reviews cover poker calculator, tracker, indicator and just about every kind of tool for poker there is.

Tools Poker is owned by WinAllPoker, we found this pretty awesome domain name and setup our very own poker tools review website, mainly due to the popularity of WinAllPoker’s popular Poker Tools section.

We needed a bigger piece of the pie as there seemed to be a niche in the poker market in the tools / calculators side of the business, we all know how many sites are scrambling for poker bonus codes and the likes yet when we searched the web we could not find many sites that were well presented with up to date information about poker calculators and tools of all types.

From what we have gathered many online poker players already have accounts at all the big poker rooms like PokerStars but not everyone has the right odds tools to guide them to becoming a winning poker player.

Should you own or work for a company that provides poker tool web services or any type of odds calculator that can provide our visitors with a wider selection please use our Contact Page to send us your suggestions.

Hopefully as this site’s content continues to expand we will become a leading resource for poker players looking for the very best poker tools or online poker odds calculators.