covers a wide range of online poker tools and odds calculators that will help improve your chances of being a winning poker player by increasing your win percentages.

To improve your poker game once the basics are mastered takes time, with the aid of the latest in poker-tool technology this learning curve is drastically reduced as the odds calculators guide you in making the best statistical decision for each and every poker hand.

Playing winning poker long term is all about making the best statistical play each and every hand, you will not win every hand you are dealt or are odds favorite to win but over time making correct decisions each hand is vital to being a successful poker player.

The popularity of poker has grown enormously over the past few years mainly due to the advent of online poker which brought a high paced version of the game directly to peoples homes.

Online poker is where our poker tools come in handy the most, as players of all caliber are found playing, right from amateurs all the way up to pros.

The advantage of playing poker with online tools is that you have access to additional information about the strength of you hand and in some cases knowledge of how your opponents play, giving you a statistical edge over your rivals.

This advantage is so significant that several poker rooms have banned certain types of odds calculators and poker data-mining tools, we will guide you through which rooms allow poker odds tools and to what extent they are permitted in our reviews of the software throughout this site.

Poker Tool Types

Trusted Poker Tools

All the Odds calculators and online poker tools found on this site have been tested and reviewed by us and have proven to be trustworthy and the very best available, bear in mind some other sites may offer rouge software especially when using cracks to unlock software.

To see the risks involved in downloading cracked versions see the latest poker virus odlanor.

PokerStars Allowed Tools

PokerStars have clamped down over which tools are allowed and have a full list of those players may or may not legally use when playing at PokerStars for real money.

Their basic guideline for allowed odds calculators and poker tools is that normally that available information may be used to calculate odds but any sort of automated bot or a tool that definitively mentions what your best action is, is banned.

Read more about PokerStars Allowed Poker Tools includes a banned and approved tool list.